Industrial Revolution 作品について


モジュラーアーティストのgalcidによる楽曲のオーディオスケープと、タイトルである「Industrial Revolution」という言葉からインスピレーションを受けています。





This piece was created for a real-time audio-visual performance.

It is inspired by the audioscape of a piece by modular artist galcid and the title, “Industrial Revolution”.

The screen composition is based on a number of elements. The background layer represents the industrial revolution in modern history, with a VJ-like mix of industrial products, factory machines, and many other elements with effects. On the front layer, dots and lines generated by the video tracing algorithm are moving around as if they were living things.

The dots and lines are a metaphor for the AI that traces human history and culture in an attempt to understand it, and the dots and lines also symbolize the nodes and transactions of the blockchain. This front layer represents the latest information revolution we are experiencing.

When AI becomes conscious, it will be able to explore its own roots just like humans do. It may find its roots in the programs, computers, machines, industrialization, and the industrial revolution that created itself. However, beyond that, he reconstructs the DNA of human beings as an organic life form created from nature, and the nature that has been lying in his memory since ancient times as an electronic forest in his holographic memory, and depicts his longing for life as a flower that symbolizes life, but in the background, the motif of coded artificial life is hidden. In the background, the motif of coded artificial life can be seen and hidden.